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Next Player Please is the first fun and engaging VR party game played around a table with friends and only one device that is passed around the table. Taking advantage of shared spaces and the quality of social play, we offer fun and easy to learn mini-games in VR without the need for multiple devices or a fixed playspace. In quick tournaments the players experience the various mini games, whether it be fishing, building a fortress or digging for buried treasures.

The Game


Next Player Please only requires a standalone VR headset with either hand tracking or controllers to be played. The minigames are all designed to be fun and simple interactions, making the game accessible to a wide range of players. All modes focus on using a table as a fixed playspace, giving the feel of a mixed reality boardgame and offering physical feedback. It's possible to play using only hand tracking for simple and intuitive gameplay and easy passing of the Headset. To add more complexity, the controllers can be used, offering the non active players a direct means of interaction through the left controller while observing and reacting on the active players movement or commands. These interactions between players take various forms depending on the mini game.


Our target platform is currently the Oculus/Meta Quest and other future standalone headsets with similar features. NextPlayerPlease is planned to release by the end of 2022.


We want NextPlayerPlease to be a new way to experience VR where the virtual is used more as a tool and extension of your surroundings. This way the focus stays on the interaction between players around the table while adding interesting immersion and controls. The VR headset becomes a portable boardgame collection of sorts. One that can always be extended with more content and variations.

Gameplay Loop

After starting up the game, the players first draw their playing field directly on a table in VR by marking three corners on a table. The menu then appears flat on the table so that players can feel the actual tabletop when pressing the buttons. In this menu the active player can change various settings like player count , input method and start tournaments. The first round in a tournament is always a customization round in which each player receives the headset once to get to know the game and to select a player colour and customize their look ingame. After that, the games of the selected tournament start one after the other. A game is divided into several rounds. Each player has one turn per round which lasts arround 26 seconds depending on the game. At the end of each turn the screen turns dark and the current player is asked to pass the headset to the next player. At the end of each game, the ranking of that game is announced and a scoreboard is shown. After the last game, the player with the highest score is crowned the winner.


Current WIP trailer YouTube


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Chris Elvis Leisi
Game Designer, Programmer, Co-Founder

Benjamin Gilli
Game Design, Visuals, Animation

Marc Platter
Music, Freelancer


Chris Elvis Leisi

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